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Nicolas Waldmarson

B.S. Construction Management and Engineering Technologies| Joined Madison 06/2015

Why do you like working in construction?

Being able to see the evolution of technology and building materials. Working on renovation projects (especially ones from the 1950s-1970s) shows how far advances in building materials have come. And working on new construction really shows off all of the new technologies and building methods available. Architects love to spec the latest and greatest products, which sometimes can be a headache working out the kinks in new systems, but in the end, is great for career growth because it’s “another tool in the toolbox” of my personal construction experience and allows me to see and learn interesting new things.

What was your first job in construction?

Roofing. I was a roofer with M&M Roofing.

What is your favorite Madison project to date?

Heartland Health Center. I worked on it as an intern, so I did not get to work on it through the entire project life, but it was a very interesting project because it was the 1st LEED Platinum healthcare facility in the City of Chicago. So there were lots of new aspects of construction that I got to learn about (green roofing, geothermal heating/cooling, solar panels, permeable paving, etc.).

How has Madison helped in your career development?

I have had a couple of strong experienced role models to look up to and get advice from in my career growth here. They were the most helpful because they would answer any questions I could think of, and continue to push me to do more and take on more responsibilities which caused me to learn and grow more quickly.

Describe Madison in three words…

Experienced. Eager. Efficient.

When I’m not working you’ll find me…

Hanging out with my wife and daughter. Sleeping. Working out. Reading.

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Nicolas Waldmarson