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Senior Living Facility Construction: Journey Senior Living Facility

Senior living facility construction is one of the many areas of construction that we specialize in here at Madison Construction. Over the years we have had the opportunity to work on a number of incredible senior living facility projects among them is the Journey Senior Living Facility in Valparaiso, IN.

Senior Living Facility Construction: Journey Senior Living Facility

The Journey senior living facility is located in Valparaiso, Indiana, and was built for Argent Group/ CA Ventures in collaboration with Perimeter Architects. Spanning 90,000 square feet, the Journey Senior Living Facility was completed in 2017 and stands four stories tall. The unit is comprised of 100 units and was built with both assisted living and memory care in mind. The first floor of the Journey Senior Living Facility is made up of 24 residential units and is dedicated to memory care specifically. The second through the fourth floor are dedicated to assisted living and are made up of 76 residential units in total.

The layout of the dual-purpose senior living facility is unique in that it combines a private apartment layout with facilities designed for enrichment and memory care in particular. Additionally, the facility also has a number of recreational and amenity features that bring a separate element to the construction project.

A Unique Senior Living Facility

In addition to 100 residential units, the Journey senior living facility has a number of community spaces which are shares including a lobby, lounge, and visiting areas. Guests also have access to a spacious dining room, a private dining area, a library, an outdoor lounge area, and spacious courtyards.

Journey also incorporates crafts rooms, fitness facilities, a relaxation room, a beauty salon, and a spa. Similar to residential space, these additional facilities bring a unique appeal to a senior living facility but they also pose unique concerns for a project owner. Fortunately, these types of features are becoming more common to assisted living facilities and student dormitories meaning that experienced and reputable building management teams are familiar with the design and construction processes required to bring these types of projects to life.

The Construction of Journey Senior Living Facility

Madison Construction was responsible for managing the design concepts and scope of work on the Journey senior living facility in order to maximize efficiencies and streamline the preconstruction process. In collaboration with local, experienced MEP Design/Builders, Madison produced the MEP programming for this project. This management approach resulted in programming and a design that fit the project owner’s budget and a final project that was in line with both the project owner’s specifications and expectations.

Are You Looking For a Construction Management Team For a Senior Living Facility Construction Project?

If you’re looking for a construction management team for your senior living facility construction project and are located in or around Illinois or Indiana, Madison Construction can help. Just give us a call today at (708)535-7716 to see what we can do to help with your upcoming project.

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