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John A. Bannes Elementary School

Location: Tinley Park, IL
Client: Kirby School District
Architect: Tria Architect
Square Footage: 5000
Year Built: 2020

Madison will be constructing a new 5,000 sf addition for the John A. Bannes Elementary School and renovation the existing school.  The addition will include a new classroom, main office, principal’s office, two conference offices, two storage rooms, and a new mechanical room. The exterior of the addition will be a storefront, made out of metal panels and brick. The entire existing building is being demoed over two summers and will receive all new MEPs and interior finishes. In addition, there will be a new roofing and all mechanical equipment is being demoed and replaced with new units. The site is getting a new parking lot for the teachers and to aid in significantly improving parent drop off for the safety of the kids. Underneath the new north lot, a storm trapping will be installed to contain all of the water offset by the new parking lot.