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Experience Matters

Madison's depth of experience has taught us to think like an owner, valuing efficiency and cost savings without ever compromising quality. This mindset demands resourcesful planning strategies as well as expert project management and contracting services that engineer value and ensure pricing integrity.

Madison Construction embraces opportunities to collaborate with community partners to identify and develop impactful projects. Concord at Sheridan was the first public-Private-Partnership between the CHA and a private developer. This unique alliance leveraged creative funding sources and tax incentives to make a significant long-term investment in Chicago’s Rogers Park community.

Forging a public-private partnership with the CHA transformed a languishing parking lot into a thriving community hub.

Rob Ferrino, President & CEO, Madison Construction


Before breaking ground, Madison envisions the best way to approach a project from start to finish. Our team utilizes a combination of BiM technologies, experienced staff, long-standing subcontractor partnerships and a collaborative approach to develop a comprehensive initial project plan. Effectively managing this process involves a variety of strategies including:

Delivery Methods
Delivery Methods

With extensive knowledge in project planning and construction implementation, coupled with experience working alongside top design firms, Madison creates fully integrated Design/Build teams customized to meet project needs. Our collaborative framework seamlessly manages the entire team to deliver optimal results.

Construction Management:
Madison’s creative and collaborative approach to Construction Management engages the entire team from project onset, using customized resources to meet client demands. Our team works shoulder-to-shoulder with the client at the early stages of planning and budgeting to ensure all objectives are met.

General Contracting
With a senior staff leveraging over 200 years of industry experience. Madison brings construction expertise into every project. Our transparent approach, state-of-the-art technology, deep knowledge and strong subcontractor relationships provide the highest quality construction at a competitive value.

Virtual Construction
Virtual Construction

At Madison, we use Virtual Design + Construction as an integrated project delivery method. Our team, along with seasoned BIM professionals create virtual construction model that aid in identifying and addressing design issues before construction begins. BIM allows us to closely coordinate building elements, provide MEP clash detection and identify quality control issues at the earliest stages, providing the opportunity to resolve challenges before they become costly mistakes.

Technology Integrated into Our Entire Process

Virtual Design & Construction

Using BIM 3D design provides the added benefit to visualize project components, enhanced trade collaboration, identify clash detection, and provide cost effective solutions. We have Invested in this state-of-the art technology services to enhance efficient building processes. Madison prides itself on utilizing BIM procedures as it provides additional tools to enhance project coordination which in result minimizes installation confits. We are dedicated to providing our staff with ongoing, continuous, up-to-date BIM training to benefit the project coordination.

In addition, we have dedicated an experienced staff that use BIM to create 3D structures via Revit and AutoCAD. These programs give our team the ability to translate 2D drawings into a coordinated BIM model. These models use detailed sheets and parametric families to enhance project design efficiency and coordination