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Mixed-Use Development Construction: What Does it Mean?

A number of construction projects in the Madison Construction portfolio are mixed-use development construction projects. Today we’re going to take a look at one of those mixed-use projects and explain what it means for a building project to be labeled as “mixed-use”.

What Does it Mean?

The Urban Land Institute Mixed-Use Development handbook defines mixed-use development as development that provides 3+ revenue-producing uses, fosters integration, compatibility of land uses, and density, and creates a walkable area that has uninterrupted pedestrian paths/connections.

The MRSC of Washington defines mixed-use development as “pedestrian-friendly development that blends two or more residential, commercial, cultural, institutional, and/or industrial uses.”

While both definitions differ slightly, they both have the same goals in mind – creating community. This idea of creating community is one of the ten principles of Smart Growth, a planning strategy that seeks to foster community design and development that serves the economy, community, public health, and the environment.

If you’re not familiar with smart growth, it’s a ten-point strategy that is designed to build strong and healthy communities that have significant potential for economic growth in an area. The ten points include:

  • Mixed land use
  • Compact building design
  • Varied housing choices and opportunities
  • Walkable neighborhoods
  • Attractive and distinct communities that offer a sense of place
  • Preservation of open space, environmental areas, and natural beauty
  • Strengthening of existing communities
  • Access to various transportation options
  • Fair, predictable, and cost-effective development solutions
  • Collaboration between project owners and community citizens during development

How to Implement Smart Growth in Mixed-Use Development Construction

There are many ways that smart growth can be utilized as a strategy for developing a mixed-use construction project.

  • Existing infrastructure and buildings can be rehabbed to create new buildings so that there is less use of resources during the build.
  • Projects can be strategically placed so that they have access to public transportation, shopping, and other amenities.
  • Residents can be involved in the planning of neighborhood development projects that surround a construction project.

How Can Madison Construction Help With Your Mixed-Use Project?

One of the biggest challenges for anyone taking on a mixed-use project is finding a construction management team that is familiar AND experienced with these types of builds. The unique demands of such all-encompassing projects are often too much for inexperienced construction managers and those that do have a small amount of experience are generally reluctant to take on such a project in the future.

At Madison Construction, however, these projects have become second nature to us. Not only have we helped to bring many mixed-use projects to life, but we actually enjoy the challenge and the ability to give back to communities while also doing what we love.

The Concord at Sheridan Development

One example of this type of build that you will find in our extensive portfolio is The Concord at Sheridan. Built in Chicago Illinois, this is a project that we managed for the Chicago Housing Authority and Three Corners in collaboration with Grec Architects.

Encompassing 199,931, the Concord at Sheridan was a project that was spearheaded by Madison’s Owner (Rob Ferrino) when he noticed community potential in a large parking lot next to another construction project that we were managing. During the Concord project, we provided design-assist services collaborating concepts between the owner, developer, and architect while providing budget guidance along the way. We then assumed the role of General Contractor.

Once complete, the Concord at Sheridan stood seven stories tall and incorporated 111 mixed-income units, 122,00 square feet of living space, 29,400 sf of ground-floor retail space, 23,000 square foot flexible-format Target store, and 133 below-grade parking spaces. The final build also included a fitness center, media room and a new 5,000 square foot community gathering space within the roof-top terrace.

Are You Looking For a Construction: Management Team?

If you’re looking for a mixed-use development construction management team in Illinois, Madison Construction can help. With multiple large scale mixed-use developments in our project portfolio, we have the experience and expertise to bring your next project to life on time and on budget! Call us today at (708)535-7716 to see how we can help you.

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