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Illinois Construction Management: What is a Construction Manager?

Madison Construction serves as an Illinois construction management firm, but what does that mean? What is a construction manager and what do they do?

Illinois Construction Management: What is a Construction Manager?

A construction manager is an individual or group who oversee the various stages of the construction process. This includes management of the early stages of the project, the building stage, and the final phase of construction.

How a Construction Manager Plays into the Early Stages of Construction

Managing Your Design Firm

During the early stages of your construction project, your construction manager will manage your designer or design firm as they generate the design for your build. This means ensuring that the designer you have chosen adheres to deadlines for completion of the design and making sure that the final design is within your budget. Your construction manager must also make sure that the projected timeline for the completion of the build falls within your schedule.

Monitoring Costs and Availability

An experienced construction manager understands the costs and availability of labor and construction materials. This is a benefit to your project because it cuts unnecessary spending and prevents delays in your build due to the current labor or material trends.

Value Engineering

An experienced construction manager will ensure that your project is value-engineered by performing a functional analysis of the proposed design in the pre-build process. They may then make alternate proposals to the design to improve your overall value by reducing initial cost, reducing lifetime cost, and/or improving functionality.  Madison Construction has shaved millions of dollars off of our clients budget without compromising the value of their project.

How a Construction Manager Plays into the Building Stage of Construction

Managing Subcontractor Work Quality

One of the most significant benefits of having a construction manager on board during your project build is the management of subcontractors. Here at Madison Construction, we implement our Madison Quality Control Plans and Processes to ensure that all subcontractors contributing to your build provide only top quality workmanship and follow all safety and procedural regulations.

Managing Subcontractor Productivity

Another important role of the Illinois construction manager is to make sure that subcontractors are staying on track with the projected construction schedule. Should delays occur to this schedule, it’s up to the construction manager to overcome them with strategic planning and close collaboration with subcontractors.

Controlling and Tracking Project Progression

The construction manager is also responsible for maintaining complete control of the project during the construction phase. At Madison Construction we do this with the help of BIM technology. BIM technology facilitates automatic quantity reports and valuation for all phases of work so that your project never veers far from initial pre-construction projections. BIM also allows us to more precisely evaluate the costs of the construction process by enabling real-time programming in a 3D environment.

How a Construction Manager Plays into the Final Stages of Construction

The Punch List

At Madison Construction one of the most critical steps in the final stages of construction is the “punch list”. This is a list of items that must be completed in due time and to ensure that these items are complete, a manager of Madison Construction performs a walkthrough and checks these items off the list. This keeps the project on track but it also keeps subcontractors on task knowing that they are going to be held accountable for any delays or incomplete list items.

Certificate of Occupancy

At Madison Construction, we know that it is vital to the success of our client’s projects that the Certificate of Occupancy is received as early as possible. This means the proper and efficient management of building inspections such as inspection of the general building, fire safety, etc. and pertinent project closeout processes completed in conjunction with local building or zoning authorities.

Warranty Management

Madison Construction also works with subcontractors to manage the warranty process so that we can confidently guarantee long term warrantees on your project and you can have additional peace of mind.

Facilities Management

Upon completion of your facility, it’s important to have a comprehensive plan for facility management in place. Understanding this need, our Madison Illinois construction management team provide subcontractor training and leaves behind educational materials for future reference. Additionally, we offer our clients pre-scheduled client walk-throughs of their facility for up to two years following the completion of the build to ensure the quality of workmanship and warranty coordination.

Illinois Construction Management: Adding Value to Your Project

Having a reputable construction manager on board like Madison Construction adds to the value of your construction project by keeping your costs low, the functionality of your build high, reducing superfluous expense, and ensuring that your project stays on schedule.

If you are in need of an Illinois construction manager for your upcoming build and you want the Madison Construction guarantee of prime workmanship and a quality, on-time build, contact us today! Just call 708-789-2242 or contact us directly through our online contact page.

Don’t you deserve to have your next project managed by a team of experienced and innovative pioneers in the construction management industry?

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