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Illinois Construction Company, Madison Construction, Explains Virtual Design and Construction

Here at Madison Construction, we are recognized as a top Illinois construction company not only for the caliber of our work but also for our attention to detail when it comes to EVERY step of the construction process. Recently we shared an article about pre-construction planning and why it’s important to the construction process and today we want to focus on another aspect of construction – virtual design and construction.

Virtual design and construction is actually not much more than it sounds like! Madison utilizes a variety of highly calibrated digital resources to create a virtual design of your project. Doing this allows us to overview the entire construction process and get a more tangible view of what the final project will look like once it’s complete.

Why is it important to Utilize Virtual Design and Construction?

Madison utilizes BIM modeling to enhance the Virtual Design services provided during the design and preconstruction phases. However, it is vital to the success of the project to utilize BIM during all phases of the construction process. Building Information Modeling allows projects to be built virtually before they are constructed physically, eliminating many of the inefficiencies and problems that arise during the construction process.

Madison Construction understands that virtual design and construction is not just an important step in our projects, but it’s a crucial step because it allows us to identify any possible issues that may arise during the construction process, either with the design of the building itself, or with the final project when considering the end users. Early detection of the constructability of a facility allows Madison to address any potential problems and better yet, increase the value of the project without increasing the budget!

How Can Virtual Design and Construction Help the Construction Process?

Virtual design and construction is an impeccable service Madison provides to our clients in communicating possible faults or obstacles in the building process, but how can virtual design and construction help the construction process?

Maximizing Your Budget with Preconstruction Project Visualization

Virtual Design in BIM allows our team the ability to visualize the entire project during preconstruction. Space-use simulations and 3D visualizations allow clients to experience what the space will look like offering the ability to make changes before construction start, minimizing costly changes later.

One of the biggest benefits of using virtual design and construction is that it allows contractors to better estimate the budget that will be needed for the completion of a project by performing Mode-Based Cost Estimation. Virtual design and construction, construction cost estimates are more accurate and extremely concise when utilizing BIM. Utilizing VD and BIM modeling allows Madison to identify cost overruns and advise the client or architect early in the design process allow them to make any necessary adjustments before construction begins.

Clash Detection

Unforeseen conditions are always costly! Virtual design is vital in the preconstruction and construction phases when identifying MEP clash detections and foreseeing any project conflicts. With BIM, you have the opportunity to plan your mechanical systems accurately before you build onsite, avoiding last-minute changes and unforeseen issues.

Better Trade Coordination

Utilizing virtual design and construction is also a great tool for improving collaboration on construction projects. With so many teams working on a single project, the virtual design and construction model, helps to keep everyone on every team on the same page throughout every step of the construction project. Document sharing, project planning and trade collaboration are all assets that lend to a lean construction project, a process that paper drawing sets simply cannot replicate.
Simply put, avoiding delays, producing a budget conscious design, avoiding clash detection and schedule conflicts, and producing a collaborative project management process are vital to the success of your project. Our virtual design professionals utilize this technology to ensure our client’s building experience is seamless.

Are You in Need of a Reputable Illinois Construction Company?

If you are in need of a reputable Illinois construction company who you can depend on for your upcoming housing, commercial, education, recreation, municipal, or healthcare construction needs, Madison Construction is here for you! Just give our friendly team a call at 708.535.7716 and let us know how we can help you build success!

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