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Gary Construction Manager: How Your Next Construction Project Can Be Smoother

As a top Gary construction manager, we here at Madison Construction know what it takes to make a project go smoothly. Today we’re sharing a few tips to help to make sure that your next project goes smoothly as well.

Gary Construction Manager: How Your Next Construction Project Can Be Smoother

We talk often of how having a reputable construction manager on the job can result in a smoother build and today we want to talk a little bit about why that is.


Organization is crucial for any construction project to go smoothly, but we’re not just talking about your average organizer or planner here. It’s up to a construction manager to plan out a build, find qualified and reputable subcontractors, source long-lead quality products, coordinate schedule timelines and deadlines, and lots, lots more! As you can imagine, this takes more than a single binder to keep track of all this! Fortunately, a reputable construction manager has the right team in place with the skills and tools to complete all of these tasks successfully.


No project can go smoothly without the proper sourcing of materials. That means finding the right materials for the job at the right price from a reliable and trustworthy source. An experienced construction management team already has a wealth of contacts at their disposal for sourcing materials for your build and that means that you don’t have to spend time searching for the materials you need. This also means that if you have a particular material in mind and it’s going to be particularly costly due to the current market, your management team will be able to provide you with affordable alternative options to consider in order to keep your project within budget.


When you have a project in mind, the chances are that you are focused on the project itself and not so much on the additional functionality that you can squeeze into your build. Fortunately, an experienced construction management team understands the many additional options that are available to project owners. Looking at your concept for your build, your team can pinpoint areas where you can build in additional functionality creating more value. For example, geothermal heat pumps, photovoltaic panels, recycled materials, and advanced lighting controls can all create a more functional build that will also save you money in the longterm. Additionally, these additions can create more public appeal, press appeal, and investor appeal once your build is complete.

Why does added functionality add to the smoothness of your build? Because it gives you the option to install these features during the planning stage so that you don’t have to go in later and overhaul your building to add them in.

Cost Management

Another factor that plays significantly into how smoothly your construction project will be is the management of costs. Your costs must be kept to a minimum, but they should also be managed well. An experienced construction management team can easily manage the overal budget in smaller categories, breaking them down into project costs and communicationg these costs to avoid cost overruns. This value-engineering service can cover the following…

  • Initially ensuring that your budget is right for your build. Does your build need to be scaled back or value-engineered to fit your budget? Are you cutting costs where you shouldn’t be and apportioning too much of your budget for non-essential aspects of your build?
  • Planning the costs of materials needed to complete your build. Can materials be sourced for less money from one location or can similar materials be substituted to create the same appearance for less cost?
  • Ensuring that your project financials stay on track with the building schedule throughout the project. Are you halfway through your build but your budget is slightly above where it should be? Are you on track with your budget?

Contract Administration

Contracts have a large part in every construction project and it’s important that these contracts are properly managed so that your build goes smoothly. Your construction management team will manage these contracts for you. Managing project cost via cost reports, labor reports, subcontractors percentage of completion versus billed to date, certificates of insurance, compliance, etc.. are all the responsibility of your construction manager.

Safety Management

One of the most important areas of any construction project is safety. Ensuring that everyone on the project is following the necessary safety regulations and that these regulations are taken seriously is another part of your construction management team’s responsibilities. Breaching safety protocols causes delays in your timeline, puts your reputation at risk and, more importantly, it puts lives at risk. Ensuring your builder has a third party safety consultant visiting your jobs and producing safety audits as well as toolbox talks are key to ensuring a safe job site.


Synchronizing communications between so many groups of individuals who are working on a single project can be frustrating. It means spending time chasing down the right contacts, waiting for callbacks, coordinating schedules…in short, it’s a nightmare when you are trying to focus on the future of your build. Fortunately, construction managers have experience with coordinating teams and individuals working on large projects and can take care of this process for you.  The information control process between the subcontractors, supplier, engineers, architect, GC’s, and the owner are key to an efficient project timeline.

Having a Gary construction manager who takes care of communications for you doesn’t just free up your time, though, it also creates a much more streamlined and smooth-running project. With one point person to come to, there are no miscommunications, no confusion, and no time wasted.

Looking For a Reputable Gary Construction Manager?

If you’re looking for a reputable Gary construction manager for your next project, Madison Construction can help! Not only are we a reputable company, but we also have years of experience working on some of the largest construction projects in both Illinois and Iowa! If you’re interested in having Madison Construction manage your next project, just give us a call at (708)535-7791.

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