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Construction Manager: Skills Your Construction Manager Offers

Adding a construction manager to your team gives you the opportunity to add a number of unique skills to your team and your upcoming build. Today we want to talk a little bit about those skills, skills that every construction manager should have.

Construction Manager: Skills Your Construction Manager Offers

If you are considering bringing a construction manager onto your next construction project, you may be curious as to what type of skills they can bring to your next build. Here are a few of those skills and how they can help you.

 Foresight into Risk Management

A great construction manager understands that things don’t always go to plan, but rather than panicking, they know how to switch gears and have a plan in place to take care of anything that doesn’t quite go as expected. For example, a construction manager may know that there is currently a  shortage of a particular building material. This foresight allows them to suggest a “second choice” option for the build should you be unable to get your hands on the original materials. This type of planning saves you time (because you’re not having to go back to the drawing board if you can’t get the primary material) and saves you money (because you’re not spending time rehashing the same thing).


A great construction manager is also proactive meaning that during your initial consultation, they will gather the information that they need to be able to proactively work on your project. For example, having a full picture of what you want from your build, your construction manager will be able to know what decision you would make should minor changes need to be made to your project. Again, this saves you time and money because you’re not having to play phone tag or go back and forth over small decisions that are a matter of common sense.

Communication Skills

One of the most important skills that your project manager brings to the table is their communication skills. When managing any size of project and any number of employees or contractors, it’s crucial that there is clear communication between everyone involved. Your project is no exception. In order to be successful and to create a top-quality build, there must be regular and clear communication between you and your project management staff, between you and your contractors, between your project management staff and your contractors, etc. This is exceptionally easy to coordinate when your management team is a skilled and clear communicator.


It’s easy to hire a “yes-man” for any role, but when it comes to hiring a construction manager, the last thing you want is someone who says yes to your every request. Why is that a bad thing? Because it’s necessary for a skilled professional to speak up when their foresight and insight tells them that something. For example, if you have your heart set on using woven bamboo for wall panels instead of drywall and bamboo is widely available, a “yes-man” would tell you that this was a great choice and they would follow through with ordering the material. An honest manager, however, would remind you that your budget is capped and in order to utilize woven bamboo for wall panels, you are going to exceed your budget cap considerably. They may suggest budget cuts elsewhere or alternate materials for your wall panels, but they most certainly won’t just say yes because it’s something that can be done.


In today’s day and age, many of our current construction planning tools require an in-depth amount of technical knowledge. This knowledge doesn’t just make planning and managing your project easier, but it also allows your project manager to better oversee those contractors who are creating your build. Knowing how the technological tools used for construction operate means that your project manager can ensure that everyone is completing their job satisfactorily and that the necessary safety precautions are being taken during construction.

Are You Looking For a Construction Manager For Your Upcoming Build?

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