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Construction Management: How Madison Construction Can Help You

As a premier construction management company in Chicago, here at Madison Construction, we can help you with the successful completion of a number of projects. Whether you’re only just in the planning phase or are halfway through a project and experiencing difficulties, we’ve got the experience and knowledge to help.

Construction Management: How Madison Construction Can Help You

At Madison Construction management we work in collaboration with architects, general contractors, and designers to bring your construction projects to life. There are many ways that we can help you to do this depending on your project, your budget, and your needs.

How We Can Help With Ground Up Builds

The most common type of project that we work on is “ground-up” builds. With this type of project, we begin by meeting with you and finding out the details of your project. This information will help us to plan and oversee every aspect of your build to ensure that it meets your specifications and stays within your budget.

Once we get a full idea of what you’re looking for we will begin project management planning. During this phase, we lay out a plan for your build that outlines the materials needed, the work that needs doing, and the timeline for the build.

With approval of the planning, we will then take care of ensuring that the necessary permits are secured and contract administration as we help you to find the best contractors and materials for the job. Once your build has begun, we oversee the quality and cost of the project all the way through. We also oversee the safety of the build site and the safety of the building to make sure that all safety standards are met so there are no surprises once your build is complete.

Perhaps one of the most important tasks that we undertake when we manage your new build is to ensure that everyone is in the loop. This means that at no point during your project will you be unable to contact us about your build. The same goes for all of the contractors working on your project. This ensures that we stick to the timeline and budget as it was laid out.

How We Can Help With Renovations

Working with you on renovations, we perform many of the same duties for you as we do with “ground-up” builds. Additionally, we help you with procurement, overseeing ongoing renovations, and help with the management of billing which may include overseeing lien release documents related to your build.

Our experience with renovations in the past allows us to provide you with a degree of guidance that you may not have as the project owner. This is important because renovations of existing structures can present unique challenges that don’t come with traditional “ground-up” builds.

How We Can Help With New Acquisitions

In some instances, our clients also need our assistance with acquiring and managing projects involving properties that are partially built. These types of projects can be quite tricky to negotiate and to plan.

Our expert construction managers can help you with the planning and continuation of construction on partially built projects so that you maintain structural integrity and safety standards while also making sure that the final project meets your specifications and your budget while staying within your timeline.

Are You in Search of a Reputable Construction Management Team?

If you like in or around the Chicago area and are searching for a reputable construction management team to help with your current or future builds, we can help. Just pick up the phone and give us a call today at (708)535-7716!

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