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Construction Management Software: About BIM 3D Design

Here at Madison Construction, we utilize BIM 3D Design construction management software to help us to bring your vision to life. Today we want to talk a little bit about how this software has allowed us to get the very best results for every one of our build projects!

Construction Management Software: About BIM 3D design

What Is BIM?

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling and it describes the process of designing and documenting designs for building and infrastructure. BIM is used to model every detail of a build so that different design options can be viewed and tested to determine which designs are best suited to the project. BIM is the best way to get a full view of the scope, cost, and flexibility of a project.

In addition to modeling a build, BIM is also used to manage documents and coordinate the build throughout the entire lifecycle of each project. Essentially, BIM is a central hub for management and coordination.

The Different Steps of BIM

There are four steps to BIM – plan, design, build, operate.


The first step of using BIM in a project is the planning phase. During this phase, data and reality capture are used to generate models of the existing landscape including what is built and natural elements of the environment. This allows for better planning of a project and better visualization of a build by placing it in the current landscape.


The second step of using BIM involves the design of the concept, analysis of the build, details of the build, and documentation of the project. This information is used to move into the preconstruction phase of the build.

During preconstruction, all of the BIM data collected is used to schedule and coordinate the logistics to ensure the build remains on track and the budget is adhered to. Having all of the information for the project in a centralized location makes coordinating every aspect of the build much more manageable.


The next phase of using BIM relies on the specifications in BIM to fabricate the build. The logistics of the project are then shared with contractors working on the build and trades to make sure that every step of the build comes together in a perfectly timed way while being as efficient as possible.


The final step of BIM uses the data from the project during the operation and maintenance of the build. This data can be referenced later to renovate the build in the most cost-effective way and it can even be referred to during the deconstruction phase to deconstruct the build in the most efficient way.

Why is BIM Important to Your Project?

The world’s population is booming and it’s driving a need for more efficient methods of planning and building projects so that future builds are “smart spaces” built with limited space and a growing population in mind.

How Does Madison Construction Use BIM?

At Madison Construction we utilize BIM 3D design to help our clients and our team to visualize the different components of their project, but it also allows us to enhance trade collaboration, provide cost-effective solutions, and identify clash detection. Using BIM procedures we can minimize installation confits through the enhanced coordination that it affords.

We are also able to use BIM to develop 3D structures via Revit and AutoCAD taking 2D drawings and creating a coordinated BIM model. Using these models we enhance the efficiency and coordination of the project through detailed sheets and parametric families.

Madison dedicates itself to team education so all of our staff have up to date BIM training so that you can rest assured that you always get the best project coordination there is.

Looking For a Construction Management Company That Uses Trusted Construction Management Software?

If you are looking for a construction manager and team who can help you to bring your vision to life, Madison Construction can help. From the pre-design phase of your build through to the final walkthrough, we are dedicated to your satisfaction and a pristine build that meets your every expectation.

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