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Construction in Chicago: How Covid-19 Impacts Our City

When it comes to construction in Chicago, Madison Construction is a veteran of the industry, but with Covid-19 AKA Coronavirus turning things upside down we are all entering uncertain territory. So today we want to talk about Chicago in general and what you should know about Covid-19 in Chicago.

Construction in Chicago: How Covid-19 Impacts Construction

There is no doubt that Coronavirus is rampaging across the country and many fear that New York City is an omen of what is to come for other major cities like Chicago. That’s why today we want to take a break from construction and cover what you need to know as a Chicagoan living in the times of Covid-19.

The Stats

There have been 3,427 cases of COVID-19 identified in Chicago residents so far and 7,695 in Illinois in total.

The Current Protocol

The state of Illinois – like the majority of other states – is currently under a lockdown which is extended until April 30th. There is a very real possibility that this date will be extended beyond April 30th, so it’s important to keep watch for changes to this date on the Chicago government website. This lockdown has been in place since March 21st. During this lockdown, you MUST stay at home and may only leave home briefly to get essential supplies like groceries.

The city is also enforcing social distancing, requiring that you keep a 6-foot space between you and any other person. This will help to limit exposure and reduce the spread of the virus.

What is Open?

Like most other areas, only the essential businesses are to remain open during the lockdown. Our state governor clarifies that this refers to “interstate highways, grocery stores, pharmacies and gas stations will continue to operate.”

All restaurants in Chicago are limited to takeout and delivery services only and may not accept guests for dine-in meals. All bars have been ordered closed. Retail stores have also been closed with just the very necessary services being made available.

The government also reminds us that there is no need to hoard supplies. At this time supplies are and will be made available on a fairly regular basis and hoarding these supplies is akin to stealing from those who are in need.

During this time of crisis, it’s imperative that you stay at home and remain isolated so that we can stop Coronavirus in its tracks. One way the city has put this into practice is by closing all Chicago utilities to the public (note, this does not mean that your utilities will be cut off, it simply means that you will be unable to pay for services at the local branch).

Government staff also state that they are overrun and overextended in helping the city to cope with the Coronavirus and as such, while they are working, they are largely unable to respond directly and in a  timely manner to requests that don’t relate to the immediate crisis.

Chicago Seeking Help

Our city also has a call out from Mayor Lori Lightfoot and Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner Allison Arwady, M.D. for anyone able to assist the medical community within the city. They are asking for anyone with an interest in working in medical or public health settings (regardless of their experience) to volunteer their services. You can find out more information about the Chicago Medical Corps on the Illinois Helps website. There are also job opportunities available in this area, these are listed on the Chicago employment opportunity website.

Where to Track Covid-19 News

The city of Chicago has devoted a section of the government website to updating Chicagoans on the current protocol for Covid-19. On this site you can also track current recommendations for safety during this time and whether you should and when you should get tested for Coronavirus. Additionally, this site has resources listed for various services that are essential including food services, mental health services, housing services, financial and employment services, information on utilities and utility billing, and school and youth resources.

How Can You Help Our City?

If you want to know how you can help the city of Chicago, we recommend heading to the “How You Can Help” section of the Chicago government website.

Have a Concept in Mind For Construction in Chicago?

If you’re currently spending your “downtime” working on a project for a Chicago build and are looking for a reputable and experienced project and construction management team who can coordinate with you under the current lockdown regulations, Madison Construction can help! Just pick up the phone and give us a call today at (708)535-7716.

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