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Chicago Sustainable Construction: The Mills at Riverbend Commons

When it comes to Chicago sustainable construction, we here at Madison Construction don’t just have experience, we’re trendsetters and leaders of the pack. Looking through our portfolio you will find some great examples of our work in this area including our 2014 project – The Mills at Riverbend Commons. Today we want to talk a little bit about this project as well as sustainable construction in general.

What is Sustainable Construction?

When we talk about sustainable construction in the U.S., we’re generally talking about designing, planning, building, and maintaining structures through environmentally responsible and resource-efficient practices. It’s a concept based on the protection of the environment, a reduction of our dependence on natural resources,  and a reduction of waste.

How Is Sustainable Construction Implemented in Individual Projects

There are many ways that sustainability can be implemented when it comes to individual projects. The best way to determine how your project can be built to incorporate sustainability is to sit down with an experienced construction manager. At Madison Construction, we have our team sit down and work directly with project owners and individual contractors to see how we can make your project more efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable. One way that we do that is to run a life-cycle cost analysis of your project as it stands currently and then project that same cost with sustainability solutions incorporated into the build plan.

When we work with our clients and contractors, we never want to take control of a project away from our clients, rather, we offer our expertise in sustainability so that our clients can get more out of their build.

Sustainable Solutions for Project Construction

If you are new to the idea of sustainable construction, you may be wondering how our team can help you to make your build a more sustainable one. Let’s take a look at a few of the methods that can be implemented…

  • The use of energy panels to reduce energy consumption.
  • Utilizing build materials that are sustainable and eco-friendly during the build.
  • Utilizing existing structures for a new build to reduce the amount of waste material produced and energy consumed during the new build.
  • Utilizing repurposed materials during the build.
  • Installing energy-efficient appliances and utilities to reduce energy consumption.
  • Designing a “green roof” that reduces cooling costs for a building, reduces stormwater runoff, and aids in air purification.
  • Compensating for the carbon footprint of a build.
  • Utilizing a geothermal source heat pump in build projects to reduce energy consumption.
  • Implementing energy-efficient window panels and insulation to reduce energy consumption.

Chicago Sustainable Construction: The Mills at Riverbend Commons

One sustainable build project that is exemplary of Madison Construction’s dedication and expertise in sustainability is The Mills at Riverbend Commons. Built in 2014, The Mills at Riverbend Commons spans 108,000 square feet and was built in collaboration with Holabird & Root architects for the project owner, Three Corners Development, in Moline, Illinois.

Built to serve as a student housing complex, The Mills, is a 240-bed, 90-suite complex that was designed with mixed-use in mind. The project included the construction of the three residential floors that each linked to social and study areas, and the building also offer students 2,000 square feet of retail space that offers food, lifestyle, fitness, and healthcare options. Community amenities include a fitness center, an in-house mailroom, and a large outdoor courtyard where students can safely study and socialize.

Sustainability and The Mills at Riverbend Commons

A challenging project to undertake as it was, the Madison Construction management team brought a variety of sustainable features to the build as well. Included among these features were a green roof, energy-efficient HVAC and indoor lighting systems, low-consumption indoor fixtures, high-performing irrigation, green housekeeping, recycling, bicycle storage, and access to Moline’s high-speed multi-modal station!

Are You a Project Owner in Need of Chicago Sustainable Construction Assistance?

If you are a project owner looking for a reputable Chicago construction management team to assist with your sustainable construction project, Madison Construction is here for you. To contact us about your upcoming project just call us at (708)535-7716 and we’ll set you up with our construction management team!

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