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Chicago Construction: Unique Challenges of Big City Building

As a top Chicago construction management firm, we here at Madison Construction are all too familiar with the unique challenges of big city building. Today we want to talk about some of those unique challenges and show you why it’s exceptionally important to have a construction management team on your project particularly when it comes to big city building!

Chicago Construction: Unique Challenges of Big City Building

No matter where you choose to build your next project, it will undoubtedly come with its own unique set of challenges. When you are undertaking a project in a big city like Chicago, though, there are some challenges that can be quite difficult to overcome. Fortunately, if you have an experienced project manager on your team like Madison Construction, you don’t have to worry because these challenges are easily overcome. Just what kind of challenges can you expect to face? Let’s take a look…

Limited Space

Of course, one of the biggest challenges that any big city like Chicago poses to building projects is the limited amount of space! Such sprawling cities are already pretty tightly packed so this means that designing your build is going to require a very creative eye and someone who has experience designing in such limited space. It’s also important to remember that working with such limited space impacts your build process and progress as well. For example, if you require particularly large and heavy machinery on-site, this is going to cause some problems because of smaller streets, busy traffic, and the fact that your heavy machinery may block traffic completely. With an experienced build manager onboard, however, there is much less to worry about because they know all of the tips and tricks to get things done properly and efficiently.


Another big concern when your build project is in the middle of a big city like Chicago is the cost! Everything is more expensive in the big city and that means labor, materials…everything! And when you are paying big bucks to secure a small piece of land for your next build, you want to be able to safely save money anywhere that you are able. Fortunately, with an experienced project manager on your team, you have someone who knows how to get the best pricing on materials and who will provide you with affordable but quality labor in order to get your job completed on schedule and within your budget.


As mentioned above, traffic can be a problem when you are trying to bring materials and machinery onto the building site because your large trucks and machinery are going to hold up and even stop traffic completely. Needless to say, this is going to lead to some very unhappy city-dwellers who are going to make their opinions known. With an experienced building project manager, however, you can plan and carry out activities that will interrupt traffic at a time when it is most convenient for those people living and moving about in the city. Plus, you can take advantage of your manager’s knowledge of traffic patterns and how to get around traffic so that your supplies and your workforce don’t get trapped in endless traffic too!

Are You Looking For a Reliable Chicago Construction Management Team?

If you’re looking for a reliable and experienced team to manage your construction project in Chicago, Madison Construction can help! To find out more about how we can help you, just give us a call today at (708)535-7716!

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