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7 Illinois Commercial Construction Projects by Madison Construction

Over the years, Madison Construction has assisted many clients in reaching beyond their blueprints to build success through their Illinois commercial construction projects. Today we’re taking a look back at some of those projects from the Madison Construction portfolio.

7 Illinois Commercial Construction Projects by Madison Construction

1. East West University Student Life Facility

The East West University Student Life Facility in Chicago Illinois was completed in 2013 and spans 160,000 square feet. A collaboration between East West University and architect Holabird & Root this project reaches 17 stories and features 110 individual units. The student life facility also incorporates a 500 Seat Auditorium, academic and extracurricular facilities, retail shops, a student wellness center, a library & resource center, student labs, administrative offices, common area spaces, a basketball court & fitness centers. The top floor of the building also incorporates a lounge, boardroom, and terrace. A unique and modern building, the East West University Student Life Facility combines a modern design with the traditional needs of a student dorm and student life facility with contemporary amenities that make campus life that little bit easier.

2. Green Tomato Café at Lawndale Ogden

The Green Tomato Café at Lawndale Ogden in Chicago Illinois was completed in 2012 and spans 2,000 square feet. A collaboration between the Lawndale Christian Health Center and architect McBride Kelley Baurer, this family-friendly gathering place is located within the Lawndale Christian Health Center. Included in the cafe build were a full kitchen, an eating area, and an outdoor patio. The space offers a selection of healthy eating food choices, a relaxing environment, and free Wi-Fi. Based on a modern and “clean” design,  the cafe has a spacious feel despite the limited space and features a focal fireplace and plenty of windows.

3. Fly Wheel Sports

Fly Wheel Sports in Chicago Illinois was completed in 2011 and spans 2,413 square feet. A collaboration between Fly Wheel Sports and ZPD+A architects, the entire facility was built on a fast track schedule. Despite the accelerated build schedule, the project was still completed on time and kept within budget. The finished facility offers stadium-style flooring to accommodate the unique exercise bikes built specifically for Fly Wheel Sports. Designed with group cycling classes in mind, the main room of the facility features ceiling mounted televisions that can be viewed from any viewpoint within the room. The entrance of the facility is a clean design with space for a small retail area, plenty of storage space for class participants to keep their shoes, a storage area for class shoes, and a sign-in station.

4. Navy Pier South Dock Renovation

The Navy Pier South Dock Renovation was completed in 2015 and was built as a collaboration between Navy Pier, Inc. and architect Gensler/JFCO/Mason. The project began with the vision that Navy Pier, Inc. had for the redevelopment of the pier – a framework plan that would guide the building process through to completion. The Navy Pier South Dock project included the renovation of the South Dock, South Arcade – including the addition of a new food court, Family Pavilion, and Polk Bros Park. A large undertaking, this project involved the implementation of modern and clean designs that flowed together while meeting the unique needs of each of the individual renovated spaces. One of the biggest challenges of this renovation project came with the need to keep the Pier open to millions of visitors while the renovations took place.

5. Men’s Wearhouse Distribution Facility

The Men’s Wearhouse Distribution Facility was completed in 2011 and spans an incredible 40,000 square feet. A collaboration between the Men’s Warehouse and the architects at BD Studio, this project was a design-build service that began with making vital upgrades to the existing structure to allow for an increase in capacity before the upcoming prom season. Some of the upgrades made to this property include the addition of mechanical systems, added storage space, elevator modernization, densified concrete floors, modified truck docks, lighting, and life safety upgrades. This project required a phasing plan to complete the necessary upgrades while also keeping the facility open for business during the expansion process.

6. Madison Construction Office Renovation

The renovation of our very own construction office here at Madison Construction was completed in 2012 with the assistance of architect Landon Bone Baker. Spanning 22,000 square foot, this was a design-build project that took a plumbing supply warehouse and turned it into the state of the art office facility that it is today. This project required the expansion and renovation of existing office space within the building as well as the addition of office space within the warehouse area. The warehouse area was also modified to incorporate supply closets and a file storage area. One of the main focal points of this build was to create a sustainable building, so the construction and renovation process also included the addition of a geothermal heat pump mechanical system, green roof, advanced stormwater control, onsite renewable energy, state of the art lighting and plumbing system and recycled finishes.

7. Signature Flight

The Signature Flight facility was completed in 2012 and spans 10,000 square feet. The project was completed for Signature Flight Support Corporation in collaboration with architect Craig Hansen. The project was the result of the expansion of O’Hare international airport which led Signature Flight Support having to build a facility to house their private aviation services. Due to the elite status of Signature Flight’s private aviation clients, the facility design and build had to be completed with special consideration for high-end finishes and unique finishing touches. The project build included the use of innovative split face block construction, a large clerestory lobby space and a number of private amenities for VIP clientele. The building also achieved LEED Silver status through the use of conservative plumbing fixtures, regional building materials and a high level of recycled building products. Additionally, all landscaping selected was native to the area and all coatings used on the project were low VOC.

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