Stand Down 2017 Fall Protection

Madison Construction participated in this year’s Stand-Down event with Sheffield Safety       Paul Wojcieszak, Fall Tech Robert Luckey and Great Lakes Sales Jim Rakas. This year’s Stand-Down 2017 event was held at the Journey Senior Living Center Project in Valparaiso Indiana.

A Safety Stand-Down is a voluntary event for employers to talk directly to employees about safety. Any workplace can hold a stand-down by taking a break to focus on "Fall Hazards" and reinforcing the importance of "Fall Prevention". It's an opportunity for employers to have a conversation with employees about hazards, protective methods, and the company's safety policies and goals. It can also be an opportunity for employees to talk to management about fall hazards they see.
Fall Tech conducted a Fall Protection demonstration with a question and answer portion that covered fall protection products, proper use of fall protection and a demonstration as to how it feels to be suspended in a fall protection safety harness.

On behalf of Madison Construction I would like to extend my thanks to Paul Wojcieszak with Sheffield Safety, Robert Luckey with Fall Tech and Jim Rakas with Great Lakes Sales for putting together a great fall protection presentation for this years Stand-Down 2017.