With many cumulative years of experience, Madison Construction draws upon its employees’ expertise across several sectors. Together, the staff holds almost 100 years of experience on very high profile projects that are considered landmarks and points of interest across the country.

Our senior staff is comprised of experienced professionals who have combined their efforts to create a much sought after group. Having attained much success on separate ventures, together they have created a synergy that has proven to be a winning combination of strengths.

Senior Executive Staff

Rob FerrinoRob Ferrino

Mr. Ferrino has over 25 years of experience in the building industry and has had the opportunity to work with amazing clients, architects and counterparts that have been crucial in fine tuning his skills. He has utilized this time to cultivate relationships and really listen to the needs of the industry. Over ten years ago he created Madison Construction and he hasn’t looked back since.


Robert KostelnyRobert Kostelny
Vice President of Operations

With over 25 years of experience, Mr. Kostelny heads up Operations for Madison Construction. He is responsible for fostering goals, mentoring the project management staff and setting up all project management systems for our professional staff. His knowledge, experience and ability makes him invaluable as he promotes the internal fluency with the company that benefits the client.













Madison Construction is committed to achieving LEED certification or equivalent on every project whether required or not. It is our core belief that any elements of sustainability that can be introduced to a project are our obligation and we have the professional staff with the experience and qualifications to accomplish this goal.

Rob Ferrino,
President of Madison Construction

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