Grace Bible Church

This project was a design build contract with Grace Bible Church. The Church had an original concept and set of drawings that was outside of their budget limitations. Madison Construction worked with the owner to develop a feasible concept that would provide the Church with all of their requirements, but would be within their budget restraints.

The first phase of the project was to clear the site and bring in gas, water and electricity. The nearest utility was over a mile away. The waste water was treated on site with a local water treatment system. This system had to pump the water from the building to the treatment area in the rear of the property. The system that was design and installed is expandable to meet the needs of the owner as the congregation grows.

Several months of meetings and design changes were required, but a usable, economical design was completed, the concept was drawn, and construction began. Approximately halfway through the construction process, the owner came back to Madison Construction with ideas on the temporary facility to house their day care and learning center. Madison Construction aided in reviewing both the temporary trailer facilities that the owner was interested in purchasing and the cost of a secondary building to house the learning center. It was determined that the residual value of the temporary trailers would be far less than anticipated and the cost of the trailers, along with the miscellaneous construction work that would be required to make them feasible, was higher than originally predicted. Madison Construction proposed the construction of a secondary, precast structure similar to the large Church facility that would fulfill the needs of the owner.

The appreciation of the site along with actual building far outweighed the temporary trailer option. Construction drawings were completed and the secondary structure was completed at the same time as the original, larger facility.