CHA is the largest owner of rental housing in the city of Chicago, providing homes to more than 50,000 families and individuals, while supporting healthy communities in neighborhoods all across the city. CHA has more than 9,200 apartments in buildings designated for seniors and over 11,400 units in family and other housing types. It also oversees the administration of 37,000 Housing Choice vouchers that allow low-income families to rent in the private market.

CHA is currently undergoing the Plan for Transformation, the largest and most ambitious redevelopment effort of public housing in the history of the United States. As part of the Plan, CHA will redevelop or rehabilitate its entire stock of public housing.

Madison Construction was awarded the IDIQ contract in January of 2012.  The scope of work included in the contact consists of: code compliance including upgrades to all aspects of the property to comply with all codes; exterior work including restoration of concrete and masonry, new windows and new roof if required; unit construction including restoring all walls and ceiling sand replacing all interior finishes; common area repairs; mechanical and electrical; fire alarm and sprinkler systems; site work including repair streets, pavement and walkways, fencing, landscape etc.; environmental remediation and new construction.